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Visitors to Lusk 4:56

Pat Kelly of the Lusk Heritage group introduces Dr. Steve Feimer
Video : Jim Hawkins

“Then and Now” From the Lusk 2005 Archives 44:35

Recorded by the Lusk Heritage Group in 2005 this is the full recording of the Then and Now DVD.

Lusk Changes 1995 From the Lusk Archives 55:10

Recorded by the Lusk Heritage Group in 1995 this is a recording of the Lusk Changes DVD.

Man O’War Tractor Run 2018 6:24

Produced by the Lusk Heritage Group and presented by : Jim Monks Video by : Jim Hawkins.

Dublin Half Marathon through Lusk 2:59

Lusk Heritage Presents Highlights of the marathon as it passes through Lusk village on the 23rd September 2017. Cameras : Beatrice Sherry.

New Lady Mayor For Fingal 4:33

Cllr Mary Mccauley talks to the Lusk Heritage Group about her new position as Mayor of Fingal. Video : Jim Hawkins and Beatrice Sherry

Starting a tractor with a shotgun cartridge 1:50

A clip taken from ‘Farming Through The Ages’ from the Lusk Heritage Group. Filmed by Jim Hawkins.

Michael Hoey’s Tractor Collection 2:58

A clip from ‘Farming Through The Ages’ video from The Lusk Heritage Group. Filmed by Jim Hawkins.

Author of Lusks in America vists Lusk 6:48

William Lusk talks about researching the Lusk line in Connecticut while on a brief visit to Lusk in North co Dublin Ireland.

New Development for Lusk 2017 15:19

Jim Monks of The Lusk Heritage Group talks to Councillor Tom O’Leary about development plans for 2017.

Lusk The Chicago Connection 5:09

Pat Kelly of the Lusk Heritage Group introduces a small group of visitors from Chicago to the tomb of Christopher Barnwall. Paul Mollway explains the connection between his grandson Josh and the Bardwell dynasty.

Con Gaffney’s Artefacts  8.01

Con Gaffney talks to the Lusk Heritage Group about his collection of artefacts. Video J. Hawkins 2006

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