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Formed in 1989, Lusk Heritage Group believe that heritage isn’t just about history, dates and events. It’s about the lives of ordinary men and women passing along traditions, one generation to the next. This site tells the story of Lusk’s people in words and pictures, making our unique heritage come alive.

Lusk Heritage Videos

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Featured video:Tony Carton’s Lifelong Passion

One of the things the Lusk Heritage Group has been doing for over 30 years is preserving history by recording stories from people in the town of Lusk. An example is this one with Tony Carton. It’s a short video, just 5 minutes with a man talking about the Enfield motorbike he restored which belonged to his father. It’s a simple, lovely video, a man talking about something for which he has a passion and wonderful to take a few minutes to listen to.

Tony Carton passed recently, May he rest in peace.

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Featured Audio Clips

Our current feature is Jim Monk’s “Mirror”

Recorded by Jim Hawkins for the Lusk Heritage Group.

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Lusk Heritage Group
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